EOS Gluten Free Lip Balm To The Rescue!

Posted by Trish

As I’ve mentioned before when discussing gf detergent and shampoo, I believe that there can be benefits from using gluten free products even if not necessarily from a Celiac’s viewpoint.  But if you were to consider switching anything, wouldn’t your best bet be gluten free lip balms, glosses and sticks?  It is where my switch began and the reasoning should be clear…They are near your mouth, so by licking your lips, eating or drinking, you could ingest (even if only a minor amount) gluten.  That slight amount can be enough to set the most sensitive people off.  And just because you don’t have a noticeable reaction, it is worth reminding that people with cd can have internal damage without any external signs.

Gluten Free, Cute and Works?!  EOS To The Rescue!, January 25, 2014

Gluten Free, Cute and Works?! EOS To The Rescue!, January 25, 2014

I’m not a girlie girl and makeup is a rarity with me if you couldn’t tell from the pictures, but lip balm is a cold weather essential.  And as the weather keeps taking dives into negative territory, I’m going to point out my favorite.  Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS, makes EOS gluten free lip balm (and other products like EOS gluten free lotion if you are so inclined).  They come in sticks as well as what they refer to as smooth spheres.  Those are my preference.  They look like little Easter eggs!  I know that isn’t enough of a reason to buy something, but it is still worth pointing out in my opinion because they hit the nail on the head with simple yet cute packaging.  Hard to do.  All of the lip licking flavors have gotten nearly unwaveringly positive feedback (not just from me).  They feature unusual combinations, with flavors that range from Honeysuckle Honeydew to a classic Sweet Mint.  They’ve also entered the healing market with Medicated Tangerine (my first choice) and offer sun protection with Lemon Drop with SPF 15.  That one is the most elusive…just a tip, if you are trying to find it then don’t just check the makeup area where they are commonly located.  Even if they don’t have it there, you could still find it in the medicated chap sticks and pharmacy area.

When I first decided to switch, I picked tangerine for a few reasons.  For one, I liked the idea of tangerine over standard orange like the majority of companies would do.  Secondly, I thought medicated made sense given the harsh weather, and lastly, the eye popping color called to me.  Think what you want, but I loved it and when I saw a five pack at Costco around Christmas, I picked it up.  They were a great deal and I got to try out a number of their sweet selections.

Obviously other companies make gluten free lip care products, so why is EOS my first pick?  Let me start by saying that there aren’t many options to begin with.  Of the ones that do, a number of them don’t label, have switched from being gf to not being gf anymore or you are continuously trying to determine which are or aren’t.  I get a bit sick of emailing companies or calling customer service numbers about which products are safe.  The fact that EOS clearly labels their packaging and their website so there is no confusion is a turn on.  I appreciate this effort and am always more likely to spend my hard earned dollars on companies that take the fear out of the purchase in terms of allergens for me.

Already heard of EOS and were looking for another suggestion?  I’ve heard of a number of good things about Buddha Balm.  I’ve been having trouble locating it but if I find it, you’ll be the first to know.  Stay warm and not chapped!

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