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Daikon Radish – It Isn’t Red But Can Still Be Used Instead

Posted by Trish
Not To Be Confused With Parsnips, March 7, 2014 March’s first Fresh Friday is all about the Daikon radish.  When you hear the word radish, you likely envision a bite sized red ball with a rat tail and hot white center.  That’s not this one.  This one is fittingly called a white radish or mooli.  It is a long cylindrical root that is snowy … Read More ›

Lemon Plum Or Lamoon Plum – Not Just A Ho-hum Fruit

Posted by Trish
Which One Is The Lemon Plum?, February 28, 2014 After last week’s Fresh Friday jicama hell, I headed back to fruit this week.  I figured three attempts last week earned me a quick week so I took it easy on myself.  No need to get frustrated a second week in a row, is there?  As I wandered the rows, my eyes locked onto a … Read More ›

Naturally Soergel’s Class – Let’s Talk About Burdock

Posted by Trish
With Instructor Peggy Shaw, February 26, 2014 About a week ago, I received an email from Naturally Soergel’s in Wexford (north of Pittsburgh) about a class they were offering tonight.  Seasonal Eating and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a Healthy Body was listed as the topic.  I can’t say that I popped up like a Toaster Strudel with excitement or had a feeling … Read More ›

Three Strikes, You’re Out – Made A Heck Of A Mess With Jicama

Posted by Trish
Jicama, When I Was Still Hopeful, February 21, 2014 When I picked up the parsnips at Soergel’s for Fresh Friday a couple weeks ago, I almost bought jicama instead.  I debated between the two for a few minutes before concluding that the dirty looking carrot seemed less intimidating.  This Fresh Friday, I’m tackling the jicama! I tackled…and it fought back.  I tried and tried … Read More ›

I’m Starfruit Struck! – It’s All About The Presentation

Posted by Trish
Starfruit Struck!, February 14, 2014 It is Fresh Friday again and rather than aim for the vegetables, I turned towards fruit.  It is fair to say that this week, I’ve been starfruit struck!  I’ve had carambola (as they are also called) before but noticed that I’ve never seen anyone else pick one up at the store.  Since they were on … Read More ›