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Gluten free socializing can be anxiety inducing, but we all get through it with a little help.

My Celebratory Sandwich – Two Years Of Being Gluten Free!

Posted by Trish
My Celebratory Sandwich For Being Two Years Gluten Free! Two years!  I’ve been gluten free for two years!  I do not have an exact date in April because I had no idea that I wouldn’t be going back, but it was definitely April.  Anyway, lots of people celebrate with making gluten free cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other treats, but I decided to celebrate with … Read More ›

Pittsburgh’s Soba Restaurant – Gluten Free Friendly But No GF Menu

Posted by Trish
Pad Thai At Soba, March 11, 2014 During some discussions about gluten free dining in Pittsburgh with the MeetUp group, I heard Casbah mentioned a handful of times. Diners were in agreement that the big Burrito Restaurant Group establishments were a good experience, but noted that they do not have actual gluten free menus (I also confirmed this via email with Kaya, Soba … Read More ›

Square Cafe Gluten Free Menu – This Square Has A Flair

Posted by Trish
I Ordered Brussels!, March 8, 2014 Trying to switch off places I eat, I jumped at the invite for a Saturday lunch with a friend of a friend.  She and I are going to be in a wedding together in August, and since we are the only two in the area, it made sense to discuss some bachelorette party type planning.  Since … Read More ›

Naturally Soergel’s Class – Let’s Talk About Burdock

Posted by Trish
With Instructor Peggy Shaw, February 26, 2014 About a week ago, I received an email from Naturally Soergel’s in Wexford (north of Pittsburgh) about a class they were offering tonight.  Seasonal Eating and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a Healthy Body was listed as the topic.  I can’t say that I popped up like a Toaster Strudel with excitement or had a feeling … Read More ›

Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Chocolate – Hearts (Not Hugs) and Kisses

Posted by Trish
Why Can't I Indulge In GF Dove Hearts Every Day?, January 4, 2014 It’s February.  To me that translates to not being able to go to the store without being bombarded with cutesy displays of valentines and aisles of tempting chocolates…assorted heart-shaped boxes, chocolates shaped as roses and cuddly critters, bags of hearts, and cupids in all varieties as well as a few anti V-day specialties.  You name … Read More ›

Thank You For Being A Gluten Free Friend – An Understanding Unlike Most

Posted by Trish
Nothing Warms You Up Quite Like GF Chicken Noodle On A Bitter Cold Day, January 28,2014 Sometimes you just need a friend.  And when you live a gluten free lifestyle, it is ideal to have a gluten free friend.  Not to replace ones you have, but because they relate to this whole other dimension. They can understand the obstacles you encounter, share their own, offer advice, swap recipes, and overall be supportive and … Read More ›