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Gluten free dining experiences around Disney World including EPCOT and Downtown Disney.

Disney’s Gluten Free Chicken Tenders – Found Them!

Posted by Trish
I Found Them!, January 11, 2014 Well, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about my gluten free chicken tenders from the Electric Umbrella at EPCOT.  As in, I literally found myself daydreaming and drooling; I want them and I want them now.  Too bad I’m a good 1,000+ miles from there.  Since I was in a bit of a panic state while perusing … Read More ›

Gluten Free Walt Disney World Dolphin – Picabu and Bluezoo, too!

Posted by Trish
Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, December 2013 My experiences with gluten free dining at The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando were easy.  There were a number of options available between the two, but since I was staying at the Dolphin this trip, I stuck to that side for pure convenience. Up first, the Picabu because I liked it … Read More ›

Gluten Free EPCOT – Electric Umbrella And My Fast Food Fears

Posted by Trish
Disney GF Electric Umbrella This trip was my first time to Disney World since realizing I needed to follow a very strict gluten free diet.  By strict, I do mean that I’ll normally notice if a seasoning on my food is wrong because within twenty minutes I’ll be so sick that I can’t function for the rest of the … Read More ›

Disney Pineapple Dole Whip Float Is Gluten Free

Posted by Trish
Disney Dole Whip What is the best gluten free food in Walt Disney World?  Pineapple Dole Whip Floats!  They are arguably the best edible item, gluten free or not, in all of the parks in many peoples’ opinions.  They have a very devoted following to say the least, with numerous pages dedicated to the topic.  We may often … Read More ›

Gluten Free Disney Dining — The App!

Posted by Trish
Disney Magic Can Be GF, December 2013 Anyone who is gluten free is aware of how hard it can be to find safe food while traveling.  I’m open to anything that might make that task a bit easier. So when I decided to head down to Walt Disney World to check out their Christmas decorations this past week, I did a quick … Read More ›