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Gluten free sit down dining experiences in Pittsburgh and other areas.

Emporio: A Gluten Free Meatball Joint with a side of Furries

Posted by Trish
And Another Furry! Between gas prices and parking costs, driving into downtown Pittsburgh doesn’t appeal to me much, but the chance to Furry-watch makes me more excited than a puppy hearing a postman.  What is a Furry?  In the simplest terms, it is a person who dresses up as an animal.  Their annual awwwwwe-some convention, Anthrocon, settles into … Read More ›

Pittsburgh’s Soba Restaurant – Gluten Free Friendly But No GF Menu

Posted by Trish
Pad Thai At Soba, March 11, 2014 During some discussions about gluten free dining in Pittsburgh with the MeetUp group, I heard Casbah mentioned a handful of times. Diners were in agreement that the big Burrito Restaurant Group establishments were a good experience, but noted that they do not have actual gluten free menus (I also confirmed this via email with Kaya, Soba … Read More ›

Square Cafe Gluten Free Menu – This Square Has A Flair

Posted by Trish
I Ordered Brussels!, March 8, 2014 Trying to switch off places I eat, I jumped at the invite for a Saturday lunch with a friend of a friend.  She and I are going to be in a wedding together in August, and since we are the only two in the area, it made sense to discuss some bachelorette party type planning.  Since … Read More ›

Gluten Free Pizza At Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven – Take Two

Posted by Trish
Luciano's Gluten Free Pizza...Take Two, February 24, 2014 Take two…another try at the gluten free pizza at Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven in Mars.  While it still doesn’t top my list, I liked it far better this time around.  Rather than ordering a plain cheese pizza, this time we went for the Hawaiian with pineapple and ham.  The center was still on the soft … Read More ›