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Gluten free recipes that I’ve made or tried myself.

Daikon Radish – It Isn’t Red But Can Still Be Used Instead

Posted by Trish
Not To Be Confused With Parsnips, March 7, 2014 March’s first Fresh Friday is all about the Daikon radish.  When you hear the word radish, you likely envision a bite sized red ball with a rat tail and hot white center.  That’s not this one.  This one is fittingly called a white radish or mooli.  It is a long cylindrical root that is snowy … Read More ›

I’m Starfruit Struck! – It’s All About The Presentation

Posted by Trish
Starfruit Struck!, February 14, 2014 It is Fresh Friday again and rather than aim for the vegetables, I turned towards fruit.  It is fair to say that this week, I’ve been starfruit struck!  I’ve had carambola (as they are also called) before but noticed that I’ve never seen anyone else pick one up at the store.  Since they were on … Read More ›

GF Quick Roasted Parsnips Recipe – Cooking Parsnips Just For Kicks

Posted by Trish
Parsnips Aren't Intimidating And Neither Am I, February 7, 2014 First Fresh Friday of February!  Up this week?  Parsnips!  I don’t have any logic behind why I chose them, other than I went to Soergel’s Orchards Market in Wexford a few days prior and decided they didn’t look too intimidating.  How hard can a dirty white carrot-looking vegetable be?  I picked up four…just in case … Read More ›

Warm And Creamy Kale Dip Recipe – For Salt And Vinegar Chip Fanatics

Posted by Trish
I Found Myself Bypassing The Crackers For A Spoon...Oops Since I made that marvelous Spinach Artichoke dip a few days ago, I’ve been dreaming about dips.  Not the healthiest thing I could be eating, but it seems like with all the Super Bowl advertisements, coupons and commercials, this is a logical time to give in to the dippy temptation.  Tonight, I opted for a … Read More ›