Gluten Free Bread Bonanza – Rolls and Cake and Buns, Oh My!

Posted by Trish

Since this is my first official post, I’ve decided to start it off on the right gluten free foot with a success story!  Most of you would probably agree that the most difficult product to find is delicious gf bread.  Why?  Because the gluten is what gives it the soft and chewy texture we grew up with, making it hard to replicate.  Since I’m not a baker by any standards, no matter how loose they may be, I take every opportunity to try new baked treats including on trips.  I suggest trying to find gluten free bakeries and restaurants any time you are out of town because you never know what kind of hidden gem you’ll discover.  And wow, did I discover one this summer in San Antonio, Texas!

GF Heaven on Earth, August 2013

GF Heaven on Earth, August 2013

The Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe was a dream come true for me.  The entire establishment doesn’t even allow gluten on their premises (including employees bringing snacks or meals) which let me feel comfortable going nuts.  And nuts I did…I found myself surrounded in goodies without a care in the world.  I ordered myself a massive slab of chocolate cake covered in nuts while I waited for my Big Bloke sandwich with roast beef.  As if that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, it actually came with a savory bread basket that included various rolls and sliced white bread with their garlic butter!  The owners of this place have it figured out in my opinion, and after over thirty years of following a gluten free diet, their knowledge has paid off.

Now it may seem like my heaven ends there but it doesn’t.  They actually mail their products as well, so I was delightfully surprised a few weeks ago when I hopped on their site and saw an offer for a Free Sample Box!  I dutifully paid my shipping and handling to receive a box full of treats that I hadn’t been able to stuff down while I was in town.  My boxed bonanza included an oatmeal cookie, a Hunger Buster bar, two individual pizza crusts, a rye loaf, a white dinner roll and a flax seed roll.  It was like an early Christmas in this house.

Just remember, you can’t find anything if you don’t look.

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