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Posted by Trish

I read a statistic today about how often a person gets glutened while having a meal out.  It claimed that on average, 1 in 3 dining out experiences leads to being sick.  I’m not a big fan of statistics, as they can be manipulated to prove just about any case, and this one wanted you to consider buying a future product they are beta testing, but an intriguing claim nonetheless.  That sounds high to me but I could see how it is possible with how many things wheat is hidden in.  Luckily, I don’t fall into that group, but in order to do that, I stick to specific places and rarely stray from them unless I do my research.

Red Robin's Gluten Free Menu, December 2013

Red Robin’s Gluten Free Menu, December 2013

There are about a handful of places around me that I’m not too afraid of eating at, most of which have designated gluten free menus.  I stick to them religiously no matter what passes by that looks good.  I don’t pick at other peoples’ plates or have “just a little taste”.  I am far too aware of what will (not could) happen if I do.

One menu I am thankful for is Red Robin’s Gluten Free Menu.  You’re probably thinking, wow, burgers…something naturally gluten free anyway…great.   Yes, burgers are gf but buns aren’t, and there are plenty of places out there that don’t bother keeping them in stock to accommodate patrons like us.  When you go from bun to no bun, it is no fun.  Aside from the gluten free bun available (one that’s actually soft), they also have a crispy lettuce wrap which I rotate in too.  Add on a designated fryer so I can have fries, a slew of salads with the ability to pick from most of their dressings (another hang-up at many restaurants), as well as other options like their killer spinach artichoke dip (confirm with your menu, but I switch out the tortilla chips that usually come with it but aren’t gf with their Yukon chips) and there ends up being a pleasing number of choices.  If you look closely, you’ll also see that they reprint the menus every month or so to make sure they keep up with changes as best as they can.  When thinking about who to give your money to, consider who is trying to make your experience a truly better one.

Yes, that is a Little Miss Glutenless baseball tee hiding behind the menu.  :)

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