Gluten Free Menu At The Oven Pizza Co. In Wexford – Pizza, Paninis and Wings!

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Crunchy GF Chicken Pesto Panini, February 8, 2014

Crunchy GF Chicken Pesto Panini, February 8, 2014

After my outing to Jean-Marc Chattelier’s French Bakery for their dazzling gluten free macarons, I decided to make a day of it and hit another gf friendly establishment on my way back.  Again at the suggestion of the Meetup group, I tried a place they had visited together a few months back, The Oven Pizza Co. in Wexford (Village at Pine Plaza).  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but it sounded warm…

As I walked in, I headed towards the main counter.  While looking up at the overhead menu, I said I heard that they have some gluten free options.  She said yes, and pulled a laminated menu from next to the register and began explaining.  She informed me that they have gluten free pizza crusts, that their wings were gf, they had traditional salad options and that they offered a gf flatbread for paninis.  Hmmmm, panini.  I had the option of chips or hummus with gf flatbread as my sides, or I could upgrade to a side salad.  I decided on their gf chicken pesto panini, side of hummus and a Coke.  I followed the protocol, giving my name and taking a seat in one of their grey booths by the window.  After sitting and watching a family get-together at a long center table for ten minutes or so, my food was ready.

I took my first bite and really liked the crunch on my gf panini.  The pesto wasn’t as bold as I was expecting, bordering on bland, but still matched well with the mild chicken, roasted tomatoes, mixed green lettuce and provolone cheese.  It was delightfully melty but not mushy, with the flatbread holding its shape until I finished.  The hummus was better than ordinary and had a robust flavor, but I wish the gf flatbread to dip had been grilled as well.

Overall, it wasn’t mind blowing but it was a solid gluten free choice (that didn’t gluten me!).  I will be going back to try some of their gf pizzas.  Since they sell slices in addition to their whole pies, I could easily try more than one of them!  They smelled and looked appetizing.  I have high hopes!  Make note that they are closed on Sundays.

Part Of The Laminated Oven Pizza Co. Menu

Part Of The Oven Pizza Co.’s Laminated Menu With GF Options

You can read about my trip back to sample the Meatza pizza here.

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