Burgatory’s Gluten Free Menu Is Sinfully Heavenly – Spiked Shakes and Bountiful Burger Combinations

Posted by Trish
Gluten Free And Proud Of It, January 19, 2014

Gluten Free And Proud Of It, January 19, 2014

In my quest to keep trying gluten free restaurants around Pittsburgh, I headed to one I haven’t eaten at before but everyone in the city has probably heard of, Burgatory.  Known for kooky milkshake flavors, amazing burgers and what feels like a limitless build-your-own-burger option list, this place has solidified itself and keeps growing.  Burgatory’s gluten free menu is obviously what put it on my radar.

I called to confirm they had this rumored gf menu and asked if they took reservations.  They confirmed the menu (although after my recent experience, I don’t trust any place unless it is clearly posted on their website) and I was told that while they don’t take reservations, if I had an iPhone I could place myself on the list using an app called NoWait Consumer.  I hung up, immediately hunted it down while I was in the car, created my mini profile required and reserved my place in line.  It was actually painless and rather enjoyable when I walked in before my scheduled time and they had a table ready.  Feel bad for the guy who walked in ahead of me and was told there was a 45-minute wait, opting to leave instead.  (I will be using this happy app again.)  Anyway, I asked for a gf menu before I was seated and was amused by what I saw.  It clearly said “Gluten Free And Proud Of It” on the front.  Brownie points, Burgatory.  Serious brownie points.

I opened it up and was surprised to see that I was allowed a milkshake. They were primarily basic ones, not like the strange Apple Pancakes and Bacon or Campfire S’mores ones that they are famous for, but I was satisfied none-the-less.  I could even opt to spike them.  The friendly waitress informed me that they made their own ice cream and since they are in fact known for them, I decided to order myself a standard Strawberry one.  When it arrived, I was thankful for the fat straw (like the ones you typically get with Bubble Tea) because the chunks of fresh strawberry traveled along smoothly with the medium thick shake without getting stubbornly caught at every sip.

Do I Seem GF Right Now?

Do I Seem GF Right Now?

Moving along to the burger, I decided that they knew their combinations well and having perfected them, I would stick to a pre-designed one this visit.  Rather than pick all my own toppings and possibly create an utter disaster because I like to get too creative, I got a touch adventurous by picking their Buffaloed Bison Burger (“Natural Bison Burger with Buffalo Cheddar Cheese, Crisp Lettuce, Red Onion and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing”) and was warned that the fries were not done in a designated fryer.  Fair enough, most places’ aren’t and here they are replaced with “gluten free greens”.  What’s that?  It is a mixed greens salad topped with roasted tomatoes, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese shavings and a raspberry vinaigrette.  It was double to triple the size I expected and it was phenomenally balanced flavor wise.  As for my burger?  I enjoyed the bit of heat in it and their gf bun wasn’t like any I’ve had before.  It wasn’t as sweet as most gf buns and the texture was more like a bakery bun.  Quite nice.  Since the majority of toppings are okay for gf diets, I’m looking forward to coming back and seeing what I manage to come up with.  As they put it, a place for a “Helluva Burger and Heavenly Shakes”.

Bugatory Gluten Free Menu, January 2014

Pittsburgh’s Burgatory Gluten Free Menu, January 2014


  1. James

    This is a lie. The gluten-free menu they have is filled with gluten. All of the sauces and the bacon are not able to consumed by anyone with celiacs. Even the “house made” dressing for the salad has gluten in it. My question is why? Why would an “organic” restaurant have so much soy in the sauces that are normally gluten-free? If you have celiacs I would not eat here until they revise the joke of a gluten-free menu. Thankfully I had a waiter and chef who looked out for me. This in my opinion is the problem with the gluten free trend. It creates this kind of half ass gluten-free menu for the people who follow trends not for people who actually need it! Get it together Burgatory…


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