Keeping Kohlrabi Convenient – Easy Kohlrabi Greens Recipe And Raw Bulbs

Posted by Trish
Kohlrabi...It Is Even Fun To Say!, January 17, 2014

Kohlrabi…It Is Even Fun To Say!, January 17, 2014

And it is Fresh Friday again, but I wasn’t feeling well this evening so I was surprised with a choice from the store tonight.  Luckily, it was kohlrabi!  This is another veggie that many people seem to overlook, although it can be as easy as washing off and chopping up.  I am very familiar with kohlrabi and have eaten the bulbs since I was little, but tonight I decided to try my hand at cooking the kohlrabi greens.  That is what was new for me, and no parts will be wasted!

There is purple and green kohlrabi, but I’ve only ever had green and tonight was no different.  I chopped off the bulbs, rinsed them off and removed the hard skin.  Then I cut them into chunks or slices to eat them as a side with a sprinkle of salt.  They are very crunchy and taste like a sweet cabbage or broccoli stem.  Not too surprising considering the translation.  In German, kohl means cabbage and rübe (or rabi) is turnip.  Fair warning, if you have issues with eating cabbage then you will likely have issues with eating kohlrabi, so take it slow.

I did a quick search on how to handle kohlrabi greens and saw someone mention it was similar to cooking kale.  I can handle that!  After I chopped it up and rinsing it off, I thought the texture was much like spinach and thought so after it was cooked as well.  More so than kale in my opinion.  Since I am trying to keep kohlrabi accessible, I kept the greens almost as simple as the bulbs.

Easy Kohlrabi Greens

1 tablespoon olive oil
3 cups kohlrabi greens
½ teaspoon gf soy sauce (Tamari Black Label)
sprinkle of garlic salt

I heated a pan on medium heat and added olive oil.  Tossed in the kohlrabi greens and covered until they were bright green.  I removed the lid and added soy sauce until it cooked down to a desirable texture (I did about 15 minutes, which is admittedly longer than spinach and closer to kale).  Added garlic salt to taste.

I’m happy with how they turned out and am looking forward to other vegetable greens I previously avoided.  They aren’t scary and I get more bang for my buck!

Kohlrabi - Raw Bulb Slices and Easy Greens

Kohlrabi – Raw Bulb Slices and Easy Greens


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