Grateful For Gluten Free Gravy and My Christmas Cooks

Posted by Trish

‘Tis the season to be glutened!  Well, not for me this time!  I survived Thanksgiving and Christmas without accidentally ingesting anything that would make me ill.  I realize how hard it is to navigate the holidays, often leading to an incident or two, so I wanted to acknowledge the efforts my family made for me this holiday season; I am thankful for them.

GF Gravy Happiness, Christmas 2013

GF Gravy Happiness, Christmas 2013

I believe they were a bit skeptical when I started a gluten free diet.  They knew I was trying it and had been doing it, however, I don’t think they realized how seriously I was taking it.  I’m not going to say they weren’t supportive, because they were, but now they have started going out of their way to make things normal for me.  My mom in particular, who saw me sick far more often, agreed that I should try anything that could possibly help me.

Last year, my parents made me a gluten free version of our traditional cheesecake cookie cups that were fairly common at Christmas time, but I still had to watch some of the foods on the table.  This year they were all in.  The Thanksgiving turkey was not stuffed so it wouldn’t be contaminated, and on Christmas, one word comes to mind.  Gravy.  It made my day.  My dad, now better understanding my problem (something seems to have clicked recently), made up a recipe for gluten free gravy that tasted better than any I’ve had in my pre-gf years.  I’m not kidding.  I could have drank it.  When I eat holiday meals at their house now, I don’t have to worry about anything on my plate because of their diligence when it comes to my food.   Thank you both.

This is the time of year for giving thanks, so take a minute to thank those who go the extra mile to make your life a little easier.  It isn’t the easiest diet to follow, but a little patience and thought can go a long way.

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