Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Chocolate – Hearts (Not Hugs) and Kisses

Posted by Trish
Why Can't I Indulge In GF Dove Hearts Every Day?, January 4, 2014

Why Can’t I Indulge In GF Dove Hearts Every Day?, January 4, 2014

It’s February.  To me that translates to not being able to go to the store without being bombarded with cutesy displays of valentines and aisles of tempting chocolates…assorted heart-shaped boxes, chocolates shaped as roses and cuddly critters, bags of hearts, and cupids in all varieties as well as a few anti V-day specialties.  You name it and they make it, complete with ribbons, bows and fake flowers galore.  Although in all fairness, this stuff has been lining the shelves for over a month already…So what are your best gluten free chocolate options for that special someone?

You’ll be frustrated to find that most of these scrumptious sweets are processed on lines with wheat, causing a fair risk for cross contamination, or they have a filling that contains gluten.  So what do you buy?  My two suggestions are…

You can’t go wrong with a classic Kiss.  The standard Hershey Kisses are gluten free.  Now that does not mean those giant novelty ones or special flavors but good old-fashioned Kisses.  The “filled” varieties are also considered to be gf according to the Hershey website.   Be aware that Hershey Hugs are not gluten free.  None of them, so don’t even try.

Another adorable but not overly cheesy option are chocolate hearts.  Dove’s Milk Chocolate Hearts are gluten free.  As a matter of fact, Dove is extremely gf friendly.  Their parent company, Mars, is marvelous with their labeling policy.  (Maybe they should be coining Mars-velous.)  If you read the bag, there will be no surprises.  They will always declare the top allergens regardless of what aspect of the product introduces it and are rigid about their “may contain” declarations.

And are the NECCO Sweethearts Conversation Hearts gluten free?  NECCO lists the Valentine’s Day ones as not containing gluten, but sadly enough, they are processed in a facility that processes wheat.

Don’t forget, you could just buy flowers…or a steak.   :)

**As always, double check labels before you buy or eat anything.  This information was confirmed in February 2014.**

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