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Haribo Happiness, January 5, 2014

Haribo Happiness, January 5, 2014

I’m not big into shoes or clothes, so when I went to the mall in junior high or high school, I often hit the candy store.  My sweet tooth would quickly drag me to purchase a heap of gummies with a few tart candies tossed in for good measure.  When I went gf, I found that a number of gummies were off limits but not all of them.  Most Haribo gummi candies are gluten free.  While they are not clearly labeled on the bags (they should be), their website is straightforward.  Here is a list of their gf varieties.

I’m not sure if the infamous sugarless Haribo gummy bears are gluten free or not, but stay away from them regardless.  Years before these recent Amazon horror stories surfaced, I stupidly ate them and went through the same hell as others.  Just don’t!

Gluten Free

Alphabet Letters
Apples (available in bulk)
Centipedes (available in bulk)
Fizzy Cola
Fruit Salad
Gold Bears
Grapefruit (available in bulk)
Happy Cola
Happy Hoppers
Mini Rainbow Frogs
Pink Grapefruit (available in bulk)
Rattle Snakes
Sour Cherries (available in bulk)
Strawberries (available in bulk)
Strawberries & Cream
Techno Bears (available in bulk)
Twin Cherries

Not Gluten Free

Fruity Pasta
Juicy Gold Bears
Licorice Wheels
Sour S’ghetti
Strawberry Wheels

**This list was confirmed in February 2014 and could change.  Keep in mind that buying in bulk can cause a risk of cross contamination (think scoopers being used for various items at a candy store).  Small but still possible.**

I’m still sorting out other gluten free gummy candy companies and will let you know when they all get back to me, but in the meantime, enjoy some Haribo Gold Bears or Cola Bottles!

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