A Restroom Designed For People With Tummy Troubles?! – Sure Seemed Like It, Lol

Posted by Trish

Obviously having these issues can make you tense and full of what ifs, but that’s when you need to step back and see something that others wouldn’t.  I wandered into a public restroom recently and immediately chuckled.  I couldn’t help myself.  For a split second, it felt like it was designed for someone with tummy troubles like me.  It had a quaint, sidewalk cafe feel with a small, light wood table and matching chair situated in the single room restroom corner.  I was thinking, wow, I could eat something wrong in here and then already be in the bathroom?!   Clearly I wouldn’t really do it, but it ran through my head.  Many might not see the humor of it because a table isn’t that uncommon, but somehow this one just felt out of place.  Maybe it was the decor that made it seem inviting to eat at, but I guess it could be someone’s what if.  What if…you could eat in the bathroom so you didn’t have to worry?!  Ingenious!    :)

Feels Like The Table (Bottom Left) Is Inviting Me To Eat A French Baguette At It..., February 2014

Feels Like The Table (Bottom Left) Is Inviting Me To Eat A French Baguette At It…, February 2014


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