Aldi Is For Me! – Their Gluten Free Labeling Is The Way To Be

Posted by Trish
Aldi Is For Me!, February 6, 2014

Aldi Is For Me!, February 6, 2014

I have to admit, Aldi stores weren’t really on my radar until recently.  I had gone for my grandpa with a list a number of times but never really looked around at anything else on my errands.  My mom, who lives near one (actually most of Pittsburgh lives near one because there are about twenty in the city and its suburbs) noticed their gluten free friendly labeling and dutifully informed me.  Anything that makes grocery shopping less nerve-racking is something worth looking into, so that’s exactly what I did.  The fact that it is cheaper is an awesome bonus!

I stepped into the store and immediately began spinning around cans, jars, bags and packages.  I think “wow” was about the only thing coming out of my mouth.  Perhaps a, “this is awesome” or an “I can’t believe this”.  I didn’t start loading up but rather decided to take it all in and determine things I may be interested in trying.  I was wondering whether they taste similar to name brands but now after trying a few of my selections, I am exceedingly satisfied.  They are on par with nationally recognized brands and let me add again, cheaper.  They keep their costs in check by not having to pay for marketing and such for their lines, unlike their competition.

Aldi's Gluten Free Labels On Clancy's All Natural Tortilla Chips And Casa Mamita Salsa Con Queso Dip

Aldi’s Gluten Free Labels On Clancy’s All Natural Tortilla Chips And Casa Mamita Salsa Con Queso Dip

Because over 90% of the products they sell are ALDI exclusives, the gluten free and naturally gluten free logos (as well as lactose free logo) are easy to spot, making the experience comforting.  I don’t have to read all crazy ingredient lists, try to hunt things down via my smartphone, get flustered and quit or even just opt to hope for the best (rare).  They began this proactive labeling approach in 2010 after noticing the trends and an increasing frequency of incoming questions regarding gluten.  Lucky for us!

Aldi grocery stores are currently in 32 states and have about 1,300 locations.  If you are reading this, I hope you have one near you.  If you don’t, I’d still recommend stopping in to see what I’m raving about if you trip over one on a roadtrip or vacation!


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  1. Cheryl

    Trish, I just read this story about Aldi’s, then googled to find it is a sister store to Trader Joe’s. If you are in states without Aldi’s, look for Trader Joe’s.


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