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Gluten free recipes that I’ve made or tried myself.

Dino Kale – Not As Terrifying As It Sounds

Posted by Trish
Dino Kale Fresh Friday!  I introduced you to my love of curly kale a couple weeks ago and decided that maybe I should be trying dino kale now.  (Don’t worry.  The name is much more intimidating than the vegetable, so don’t go running for the hills yet.)  Also known as Tuscan kale, it looks quite different.  Primarily flatter and … Read More ›

Gluten Free Popover Recipe – It’s So Fluffy!

Posted by Trish
Popping My Popovers In The Oven, January , 2014 Not sure about you, but when I wake up to -8 degree weather, my inclination is to huddle up in bed in a fort style structure or strategically situate myself next to the portable space heater for the foreseeable future.  After a half hour of the first, I begrudgingly moved onto the second and then … Read More ›

New Year’s Black Eyed Pea and Kale Soup Recipe – Get Lucky

Posted by Trish
What To Do With Kale? Hmmm..., January 5, 2014 I noticed last night that there was kale on my plate for dinner.  That is the second time this week that the hearty vegetable has made its way into my meal.  Is kale a new veggie for me?  No, but it was once and could be for you.  In recent years, you couldn’t escape news … Read More ›

Spaghetti Squash Recipe Attempt – Not Bad But Not For Me

Posted by Trish
Spaghetti Squash, January 3, 2014 Yesterday, I tackled one of my New Year’s suggestions by hunting down a gluten free event, and today, I didn’t see a reason not to try another one.  This time, I decided to try working with a vegetable that I am not familiar with, spaghetti squash. Have I eaten it before?  Yes, once.  Have I … Read More ›