Trying MeetUp To Find Gluten Free Folks To Meet Up With!

Posted by Trish
Perusing MeetUp With My Little Helper, January 2, 2014

Perusing MeetUp With My Little Helper, January 2, 2014

Today, I decided to take some of my own advice regarding finding a gluten free group that meets up in my area.  I ran a search in Google that led me to a group on MeetUp that is going out to dinner in a few weeks.  I decided to join the site (which is free) and RSVP to the event!  I’m not a very social person, but I am delighted to meet people with similar issues.

What are my expectations from going to dinner with a bunch of strangers?  I’m trying not to have many but I think socializing with them will teach me a lot.  I am looking forward to hearing stories, getting product recommendations, talking to people that can relate to horror stories, listening to how others handle traveling or social situations that aren’t gf friendly, etc.  I’m interested in seeing people’s attitudes towards handling the challenge of following a gluten free diet in a wheat laden world, learning from veterans and possibly sharing with newbies.  We’ll consider those hopes rather than expectations…

Even if somehow none of those occur (which I don’t even know how that would be possible?), I’m still looking forward to going out to dinner and indulging in a new gf menu at a restaurant that I couldn’t believe was so non-gf friendly in the past.  It seems that they have changed their tune, as this menu had been mentioned over a year ago to no avail.

And yes, that is a sticker on my computer making it Certified Gluten Free.    :)

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