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Gluten free products help me and are a part of my daily life. These are some of the ones I swear by.

What Sports Drinks Are Gluten Free? – Most…But Not All

Posted by Trish
Gatorade Is My Go-To When I Get Sick, January 29, 2014 Even though the heat has retreated, sports drinks are still in the spotlight.  Between keeping up on your New Year’s Resolution to exercise, fighting off an illness or simply watching football commercials for the stuff, you’ve probably had one recently.  I’m not saying that they are better than water for any of those situations (since … Read More ›

EOS Gluten Free Lip Balm To The Rescue!

Posted by Trish
Gluten Free, Cute and Works?!  EOS To The Rescue!, January 25, 2014 As I’ve mentioned before when discussing gf detergent and shampoo, I believe that there can be benefits from using gluten free products even if not necessarily from a Celiac’s viewpoint.  But if you were to consider switching anything, wouldn’t your best bet be gluten free lip balms, glosses and sticks?  It is where my switch … Read More ›

Disney’s Gluten Free Chicken Tenders – Found Them!

Posted by Trish
I Found Them!, January 11, 2014 Well, I couldn’t stop fantasizing about my gluten free chicken tenders from the Electric Umbrella at EPCOT.  As in, I literally found myself daydreaming and drooling; I want them and I want them now.  Too bad I’m a good 1,000+ miles from there.  Since I was in a bit of a panic state while perusing … Read More ›

From A Box Or From Scratch? – Gluten Free Cake And Icing!

Posted by Trish
Tasting My Gluten-Free On A Shoestring Perfect Yellow Cake, January 9, 2014 Cakes aren’t just for birthdays or anniversaries, especially in my family.  If there is a reason for cake, then there is probably cake…now there is gluten free cake instead.  First time for everything, I guess.  I’m more of a pie person though, so I hadn’t ventured into the world of gf cake baking yet, but … Read More ›

What Is The Difference Between Potato Flour And Potato Starch? – Lost

Posted by Trish
Potato Starch? Potato Flour? Potato Starch Flour? Something about yesterday’s gluten free popover recipe caught my attention.  Did anyone else notice that tapioca flour and starch were considered interchangeable, but potato flour and starch weren’t?  What is the difference between potato flour and potato starch?  After a little e-mail correspondence with Bob’s Red Mill this afternoon, I found myself enlightened about the … Read More ›