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Gluten free sit down dining experiences in Pittsburgh and other areas.

Gluten Free Restaurants In Pittsburgh List

Posted by Trish
Pittsburgh GF Pittsburgh Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants This is not a list of every gluten free friendly restaurant in Pittsburgh, but is a good start.  I will be adding to it as I find them or as you point them out to me and I confirm them.  If the restaurant name is linked, it will be to … Read More ›

Burgatory’s Gluten Free Menu Is Sinfully Heavenly – Spiked Shakes and Bountiful Burger Combinations

Posted by Trish
Gluten Free And Proud Of It, January 19, 2014 In my quest to keep trying gluten free restaurants around Pittsburgh, I headed to one I haven’t eaten at before but everyone in the city has probably heard of, Burgatory.  Known for kooky milkshake flavors, amazing burgers and what feels like a limitless build-your-own-burger option list, this place has solidified itself and keeps growing.  Burgatory’s … Read More ›

Outback’s Gluten Free Menu – Not Just Full Of Steaks

Posted by Trish
Outback Gluten Free Menu, January 18, 2014 When you hear Outback Steakhouse, it would make sense that you think of steaks and therefore assume it would be gluten free friendly…aside from that ridiculously amazing honey wheat bread loaf that you can no longer have.  You’re right, but I’d like to point out that the options don’t end there. Outback’s gluten free menu … Read More ›

Thankful For The Gluten Free Menu, Even If It Is A Conspicuous Binder

Posted by Trish
A Dreaded Gluten Free Menu Binder!, January 1, 2014 After explaining the different types of gluten free menus you can run across in the P.F. Chang’s post, I decided to show you an example of one that makes me a little uneasy, the colossal binder.  I went in this afternoon for lunch expecting it, but luckily, the establishment updated a little.  I still got … Read More ›

P.F. Chang’s Gluten Free Menu and Comforting Precautions

Posted by Trish
P.F. Chang's Is Gluten Free Friendly, December 2013 For the most part I’ve gotten over my unease in asking for a gluten free menu, but it definitely reappears when a hostess hands me a colossal binder that makes people look and wonder.  That said, there are four menu situations you can run into when dining out gluten free.  First, there could be no … Read More ›

Gluten Free Red Robin Menu, Yummm

Posted by Trish
Red Robin's Gluten Free Menu, December 2013 I read a statistic today about how often a person gets glutened while having a meal out.  It claimed that on average, 1 in 3 dining out experiences leads to being sick.  I’m not a big fan of statistics, as they can be manipulated to prove just about any case, and this one wanted you … Read More ›